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Adopt Trees, Uplift Tribal, Save Fauna Foundation. (ATUTSF)

Q1. Who can donate to ATUTSF Foundation?

A1. Everyone! This project needs each and everyone to come up and join hands to make it a success and give our children a beautiful tomorrow.

Q2. Where will this plantation happen?

A2. This plantation will be done in Amravati District, Taluka-Nandgaon Khandeshwar adjacent to the forest region where Hunter Tribal families live. This region is mostly populated by Hunter Tribal who survived on hunting wild animals and birds. Further to this project, we are in the planning phase of a Mega Drive in which we will do such symbiotic plantations in major parts of the country.

Q3. How many trees can I plant?

A3. There is no limit to it, you can plant as many trees as you wish. For a Moringa Plant Rs. 111/- per plant and For Custard Apple plant Rs. 333/- per plant.

Q4. How much land I can donate?

A4. There is no limit to it, you can donate Rs. 1000/- for 100 sq ft of land and in its multiple.

Q5. Can I donate anything else?

A5. Yes, you can donate money by transferring through the given modes of payment. If you want to donate in-kind you can contact the team members through mobile number or email.

Q6. How will it benefit us?

A6. You will get a tax exemption certificate u/s 80G of the IT Act, for the amount donated by you in the year. It will benefit not only you but the entire generation now and ahead of us, you will also get a certificate stating the number of Trees planted by you. If you donate more than 5 plants you will get fruits for taste once every year, of the plants donated by you at your doorstep from the day of fruiting till its survival.

Q7. How do I know that my donation is used in the tree plantation?

A7. You will receive notification from ATUTSF regarding the details of the Hunter tribals taking care of your plant and location where the tree is planted in your name, also there will be time to time updates on your e-mail and WhatsApp regarding the health of the tree with photos of the plant donated by you. Since we are planting Custard Apple and Moringa trees you will get the fruits of your plants at least once a year. (Those who donated more than 5 plants). You can also visit the farmland whenever you feel like with the coordination of the team members of ATUTSF.

Q8. What is ATUTSF and how does it work?

A8. ATUTSF foundation is on a mission to stop hunting by providing livelihood to the Hunter tribe, adding greenery on Earth, and in the process helping support rural livelihoods and create environmental awareness. Our online platform provides the convenience to plant trees from anywhere in the world to the arid region of the Amravati district and our unique GPS and social technologies help planters to track their plantation and also build an emotional connection with their trees.


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