About us

About Us

We Work in More Than 50 areas To Strengthen equality

We at ATUTSF do not just plant a tree but also save lives of wildlife and birds and also teach Hunter tribal farming by allowing them to work on the farm the whole day. “Every plant has its requirements to grow and the same is with people.”Rapid urbanization and even a fast pace of deforestation are adding up to global warming. According to a study heat waves, carbon emissions, water, and air pollution can also be a potential cause of death of hundreds of people. To stop all the pollution we must grow more trees who are the lungs of Mother Earth.

Plants Trees

Teach Hunter Tribals

Save Birds

Save Wildlife

Plant Trees,
Plant Life..!!

We as informed, sensible, and helpful citizens need to come up and join our hands to support this cause, to stop hunting wild animals and birds by Hunter tribal and provide them livelihood by transforming them into agriculturists and entrepreneurs.

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We've Funded 20 Projects For 600 Trees, Birds, And Animals Around The World.

The One Who Serves The Most, Reaps The Most

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